Assistent Choreographer – Urban Company

Nicolai Fjeldsted is a choreographer and dancer at Planum and artistic director for the dance company On Stage. Besides that he is a student at Roskilde University studying Performance Design and History.

Throughout his dance career he has been working with various dance productions that vary in sizes all around Denmark, some of which were independent and others in collaboration. He is a firm believer of dance as a bridge-builder between people, languages and communities.

As a choreographer and artist his goal is to make people rethink, have some self reflection on the doings in their lives and societies. Choreographing for the AWOW open air fashion-tech show, Nicolai and his colleague seek to create a coherent and holistic piece of movement between the designs, the music and the show. Working with 21 model dancers, they will base their choreography movements on the fabrics and some Berlin inspired music to show the designs through some grounded urban style.

Nicolai Fjeldsted has previously led productions for Odense Symfoni Orkester, Odense Kommune, Roskilde Kommune, One Love Factory House, Vejle Kommune and Trekantområdets Festuge.