My name is Nahida Parvin, I am a Master’s student at Aarhus University in Intercultural studies. I am holding two bachelor’s degrees from two different countries, one in International Sales and Marketing and other is in social work. Having two bachelor’s degrees from two different filed has given me multiple experiences in business as well as social work. Besides that, studying in Intercultural studies has open another door for me to investigate the things from the cultural point of view. Bachelor’s degree in international sales and marketing taught me to promote a product or service as well as building up a proper communication between the company and its customers.

Working with Alpha wind energy Aps in Denmark, I have experience in creating Business model, market analysis as well as promoting products or services in international Market. Being a student in intercultural studies I have learned to communicate with people from a different cultural background which I will be able to implement during working with AWOW.

I am very excited to work with AWOW because AWOW is working to promote the high-tech fashion clothes as well as creating an event to attract an audience. I believe working with AWOW will give some new experience to develop my competencies.