My name is Emmah Sophia and I’m looking forward to working as a communications intern for Aarhus Walks on Water (AWOW) 2018 and other future projects. I’m currently pursuing my MA in Intercultural studies at Aarhus University. I have a BA in Drama and Theatre arts, experience in the theatre industry and teaching O’ level Drama.

During my MA studies, I developed a liking for Intercultural communication which was a major unit of the programme. AWOW creates the intercultural environment and gives an opportunity to all state of the art fashion designers and different international stakeholders from different cultural backgrounds to come together and be in a common space for a common cause.

Just like in the theatre, the director, through the actors, pass on the playwrights message to the target audience in an entertaining way. Aarhus Walks on Water is one such production, where the designers creates awareness using diverse fashion brands, modern technology and current trends as far as inter-culturalism is concerned.

Keep on checking our social media pages for more updates and live stories of the different production phases.